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Student Bursar's Accounts are available:

Spring 2023 Accounts: December 10, 2022 - May 9, 2023

  • Limit is $1000 for Fall and Spring Semesters & $500 for Summer Semesters
  • Please Note: Once an Accounts is closed you can no longer charge to the account


Student Accounts & Payment Information

Student Bursar's Accounts

  • Account will be activated within 24 hours of enrolling in 3 or more credit hours for summer semester, or 6 or more for fall semester, and if you are in good standing with the Bursar's office
  • You will receive an email from the Bookstore informing you about the account
  • Limit is $1000 for Fall and Spring Semesters & $500 for Summer Semesters
  • Accounts open approximately 1 month prior to the start of classes, and will close 3 months into the semester. They will remain active as long as you continue to be in good standing at the Bursar's office, and maintain at least 6 credit hours for Fall & Spring semesters (3 credit hours for Summer)
  • Students are NOT obligated to utilize this account
  • Account must be paid in accordance with Bursar's office terms

The UNM Bookstore now accepts your Student Bursar's Account as a method of payment for course materials on our website. If you select this method of payment on our website you will be charged tax. However, you can purchase your course materials tax-free in the UNM Bookstores, utilizing your Student Bursar's Account.

Click Here to read important points about the Student Bursar's Account.

Other Payment Information

  • Card Holder MUST be present at the time of the purchase
  • Student can ONLY use their own credit card
  • Check writer MUST be present at the time of purchase
  • Name and address MUST be printed on the check
  • Student cannot use check signed by parent/or guardian, without parent /or guardian present
  • ALL card and check purchases must have ID (license or student ID)


  • Declining balance account which can be set up online
  • Easy way to set a budget for your student