UNM Bookstores/Bursars Student Charge Account

Important points to remember regarding usage and security of this account are as follows:

- This account is valid only at Your UNM Bookstores on Main Campus and the UNM Medical/Legal Bookstore on North Campus.

- You MUST PRESENT YOUR LOBOCARD OR UNM HSC ID and specify that you want to use your UNM Bookstores/Bursar Account at the time of each purchase. 

- Charges to your UNM Bookstores/Bursar Account will be automatically charged to your Bursar Account and you will be responsible for payment of these purchases in accordance with the Bursar's Office payment terms. Please note that any unpaid balances may prevent you from registering for classes, graduating, obtaining transcripts, etc. 

- Your UNM Bookstores/Bursar Account will remain open as long as you remain in good standing and enrolled in 6 or more credit hours, December 10, 2021 - May 8, 2022. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO USE THIS ACCOUNT; other payment options for bookstore purchases include cash, check (with LoboCard), Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover and LoboCash. 

- If you are a Medical/Legal Bookstore customer on North Campus - check the store for details about account limits. 

- Customers with Third Party Bursar Accounts can now use this option too! Third Party Bursar Accounts must be set up by visiting the Bookstore Customer Service desk (main campus) or by contacting Patti Sanchez, Bursar’s Office 277-5363. Please specify which account you want to utilize at the register at time of purchase.

- This account is valid only at Your UNM Bookstores on Main Campus and the UNM Medical/Legal Bookstore on North Campus. 

- If you would like to opt out of this feature, please contact customer service at bkcstsrv@unm.edu for immediate removal. REMEMBER - You do not have to use this payment type - it is only an option for you. 

- You may also use your UNM Bookstores/Bursar Student Charge Account to order from our website, http://bookstore.unm.edu. See site for details. Note: Third Party/Bursar Accounts cannot be used on the website. Account name and charge eligibility will be validated prior to web order fulfillment. PLEASE USE YOUR UNM.EDU E-MAIL ADDRESS WHEN PLACING ORDERS ONLINE. OTHER E-MAIL ADDRESSES WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER.