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Fall Textbook Rental Agreement

By renting this textbook, I agree that:

1.       I am a registered and enrolled student at UNM, for Fall 2024, and have chosen to enter into this rental agreement.

2.       I will return the rented textbook(s) to the UNM Bookstore on or before close of business on the rental return date of December 14, 2024 for Fall courses.  The UNM Bookstore is not responsible for reminding me of the rental return date and is NOT responsible for my returns shipped to the store via any carrier. The UNM Bookstore is not responsible for providing return labels for any student.

3.       I am responsible for the condition of the rental textbook(s) and bear full responsibility for the return of the rented materials in saleable condition (as determined by the UNM Bookstore staff).  No torn or water damaged books will be accepted.  Limited highlighting is acceptable.

4.       I am responsible for all fees and replacement costs if the book is not returned by the rental return date.  A charge of the current cost (as valued on the rental return due date) of a new textbook price will be placed on my student/bursar account if not returned by the rental return date or if the book is returned in a non-saleable condition (as determined by the UNM Bookstore staff).

5.       I may return the rented textbook for a refund within the time frame of returns and in accordance with the UNM Bookstores return policies.

6.       I understand that the textbook rented is the property of the UNM Bookstores and cannot be sold back via buyback or sold to any other person.  It must be returned to the rental textbook counter.

7.       I have read and fully understand the provisions and terms of this agreement and I agree to adhere to all conditions and terms stated.

8.       Completion of my rental transaction constitutes my acceptance of the terms of this agreement.