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At the UNM Bookstore, we understand that purchasing textbooks can be confusing. Let us help with this easy guide!
Remember to bring your Lobo ID when you come to purchase your course materials. With your Lobo ID textbooks
and course materials are tax-free! You will also need your Lobo ID to print your book list. Our knowledgeable staff is ready
to answer any questions you may have.


Print Your Book List
1. To print your book list, visit the Course Materials Department
upstairs in the main campus UNM Bookstore, and look for our
scan stations.

2. Scan your Lobo ID (or enter your ID number)

3. Your book list will print automatically, alphabetically by author.

See image below on how to read your book list.

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How to Read Your Book List


See below for explanation on what your "REQUIRED" OR "OPTIONAL" book status means.

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Understanding Your Book Status

Instructor has indicated that this book is NECESSARY for the course

     Instructor has indicated that this book is RECOMMENDED (not required)


Select the option which is right for your learning style and pocketbook

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Compare Your Options

New or Used Books
When you buy a new or used book, you are free to write, highlight, and make the book work for you. Used books are less expensive than new books. You can sell back new or used books at buyback, if the book is being used in the upcoming semester.

Rental Books

When you rent a textbook, you are free to use the book all semester. You save additional money up front, so there is no buyback at the end of the semester. Just take good care of the book (no water damage!), and turn it in by the due date.


eBooks are generally a very good value for students comfortable with the format. Most eBook platforms allow highlighting and note-taking (with permanent access to the notes). Most eBooks, however, are one-term rentals. You save a lot of money, but you can only view the book contents that semester.

Inclusive Access
Under this model, the instructor or department, the publisher, and the bookstore agree
 on a price for an eBook, or for an eBook plus adaptive learning code, which beats any other publisher online price for the same product.

Coming in July 2017 - Lower Textbook Pricing!

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Purchase Your Books In-store or Online

Visit the UNM Bookstore on main campus to shop for textbooks, course materials, and school supplies. Books are organized by author's last name, so be sure to print your book list. Our knowledgeable staff are always available for help!
Visit our Medical/Legal store on north campus for nursing, medical, and Law course materials.

If you prefer to skip the lines, you can purchase textbooks and course materials on our website. Visit our Textbook Department online. You can shop direct from the UNM Bookstore, or you can choose to compare textbook prices with other retailers, using our Dare to Compare tool.

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Bring Them Back

Purchased Textbooks
The best time to sell your textbooks is right after classes have ended and during finals week each semester. Remember that during this period, we are buying books for the upcoming term so the buyback value will most likely be higher. Once the semester has begun, we have all the books we need, so your books will be purchased at whatever the used book dealer has determined their market value to be. Although the UNM Bookstore does conduct daily buyback, you will usually receive more for your textbooks during the end of semester buyback.

Rental Textbooks

We rent books for the Fall, Spring and Summer terms. The due date is the last day (“END”) of the semester, according to the official university calendar.

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