What is Inclusive Access at UNM?

Inclusive access was developed in partnership with the UNM Bookstore, publishers and faculty to save you money. Students saved $2.4 million last school year by participating in the Inclusive Access program!


How does it work?

Your instructor will place a link to your course materials and to RedShelf within your course in Blackboard Learn. If you do not find these links, please contact immediately.

You will then be able to access the eBook or Adaptive Learning product (such as Revel, MyLabs, Connect, etc.) through the link in Learn, and by using the code provided through the RedShelf link.

PLEASE DO NOT USE A FREE COURTESY CODE PROVIDED BY A PUBLISHER. This will lead to a prompt for you to pay the publisher directly. The Inclusive Access price has been negotiated to be the best possible price, and you will pay more if you purchase directly through the publisher. Note that if you mistakenly purchase directly from the publisher, the Bookstore can help you obtain a refund and transfer your work to the Inclusive Access version, but it is better to use the RedShelf code from the start. Please also note that a site code, such as provided for IA courses from Cengage, are not the same thing as courtesy codes. Courtesy codes expire and prompt you to pay. You should never pay when prompted at a publisher website.

Everyone in your class will have access to the digital course materials on the first day of class by logging into your UNM Blackboard account and selecting your course. (Instructors can make special arrangements to have a student or class obtain early access to the material on the case by case basis.)

You will be sent an email to your official email address, per the UNM Registrar, on the first day of class explaining the program. You must check your official email address daily during the first month of class to look for messages about the Inclusive Access program. Checking your email address regularly will prevent confusion later.

You will have access to these course materials without charge during the evaluation period, which is the add/drop period for your course. This deadline is the same as the last day to withdraw with 100% tuition refund.


You have the right to pay more elsewhere and not participate, but if you choose to pay more and not participate, you must opt-out!

About a week before the opt-out deadline, you will be sent an email to the address on record with the Registrar with opt-out instructions and deadlines. Remember, it is your responsibility to check your email account daily. You will be able to opt-out, and opt back in again, as many times as you wish before the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, your final decision will be honored. However, we cannot accept late opt-outs due to automation, so be sure to act before the deadline.

If you opt-out, you will not be charged for the digital content unless you purchased an optional print upgrade. Optional print upgrades are specially priced, and only available to participants in the Inclusive Access program. These print upgrades are quite a deal, but if you buy one, you will be charged for the digital content! Still, the price of the digital content plus the print upgrade is less than a new copy of the print version of the book.

If your name still appears as registered on the course roster on the day after the last day to withdraw with 100% tuition refund, and if you have not opted out, your Bursar Account will be charged for the cost of the access code. If you have withdrawn in time, there should be no charge, but your access will be stopped.

If you attempt to opt-out, but the RedShelf link is missing from your course, contact immediately!


What are print upgrades?

Most courses have print upgrades available. In most cases, the print upgrades are optional, but some professors wish for the print upgrade to be required. Print upgrades are full versions of the eBook included with your course, but three-hole punched. If you purchase a print upgrade, you must use your UNM ID. Purchasing the print upgrade automatically opts you into the Inclusive Access program, even if you attempt to opt out later.


But I’m an Athlete! I am a Dual Credit Student! I have a 3rd Party Account! Will I still be charged?

If you are an athlete, have 3rd Party Billing paying for your books, or are a Dual Credit student, your code will be charged to the appropriate account.


Mixed Messages from Professors

Some professors will summarize the program in a way that conveys unintentional misinformation about the Inclusive Access program. The details about the program presented on this page are correct, and any summary version that says differently is incorrect.

If you are sent emails about the program to your email address of record with the Registrar, you are subject to billing, and you need to read the emails and take action if you do not wish to participate (and be billed).

If you fail to read the emails and act by the deadline, you will be charged. The process is automated. Please read the emails!


Help me!


  • For help accessing your Access Code Materials from Learn, click here.
  • For help accessing your RedShelf eBook from Learn, click here.
  • For Opt Out Instructions, click here.
  • For help with your Inclusive Access code redemption, please feel free to visit the Textbook Department at the main campus bookstore (Cornell @ Central NE) during regular business hours.
  • If you are having trouble with your UNM Blackboard Learn account, contact UNM Learn help at
  • If you are having trouble accessing your course materials which appear in your course in Learn, contact
  • If you cannot find your course materials link in your Learn course, ask your instructor if he or she has inserted and activated the RedShelf link. Instructions for this process are on the Bookstore website.
  • If you have a question about billing, contact Peg Lewis, Division Manager for Course Materials, at


Inclusive Access takes some time behind the scenes to set up. The Bookstore and the publishers must negotiate the best pricing, your course must be web-enhanced, and we all work with the RedShelf team to "set up" your course and course content. Because of these time constraints, the deadlines for adding a course to the Inclusive Access program for the various terms is as follows:

  • Spring Terms: November 1st
  • Summer Terms: April 15th
  • Fall Terms: July 1st

We hope you understand that we cannot add your course to the Inclusive Access program after these deadlines, but if you are interested in a future term, please reach out to Peg Lewis at to get the process started.

Program participants: Please be sure to add the course materials and the RedShelf link to your course. Students cannot opt out without the RedShelf link!

For help adding the RedShelf link to your course, click here for instructions or contact